Tropic Room

Keeps Out Bugs and Excessive Sunlight

The Tropic Room Screen Enclosure from Zip Dee is a simple, comfortable way to commune with nature. It effectively keeps out insects and excessive sunlight, leaving only fresh air, gentle breezes, and additional living space, perfect for entertaining, dining or sleeping outdoors.

The Tropic Room can be set up in minutes by just one person and is designed to easily attach to your RV’s awning.

Zip Dee’s exclusive Aqua Bags provide the snuggest seal possible, regardless of ground contours. These innovative, puncture-resistant bags insert into fabric pockets all around the screen room to form a circle of security. When filled with water, they work like stakes to firmly anchor the sides of the room in place and keep them taut for a more attractive appearance. They work on any surface, even concrete or asphalt.

For convenient entry and exit, simply unzip a corner of the room, unsnap it at the top and fold back a portion of the front panel to form a doorway. The flap stays open because you attach it to a conveniently placed strip of Velcro. For added privacy and weather protection, optional privacy panels are available which easily snap to the Tropic Room’s sides. As you would expect, the Tropic Room Screen Enclosure is made of only the finest materials. The screen is commercial fiberglass, designed to withstand years of exposure to the elements. The trim is made of a tough, yet lightweight polyester, and the spring-loaded poles are made of rust-resistant, chrome-plated steel.

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