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‚Äč                                     DEALER INFORMATION

                     BECOMING A ZIP DEE DEALER

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Zip Dee Dealer.  Our goal in establishing a dealership is to serve current and potential Zip Dee awning owners. An accessory showroom where our products can be displayed and offered for sale is a real plus. We will consider qualified retailers that do not meet this requirement, if the selling and/or servicing of RV awnings is part of their normal business.

Are you in the RV Industry and want to become a Zip Dee Dealer?  Just fill out ONE of the forms below and fax it back to 847-437-7064.  When you have been approved, we will mail out our New Dealer Information Package. 

                            Use this form if you want to fill out the Enrollment Form online, 
                            then print it out, sign it and Fax it back to 847-437-7064

                            Use this form if you would prefer to print out the Enrollment form, 
                            fill it out by hand, sign it and then fax it back to 847-437-7064