If you're like most of us, you were no doubt born with a sense for

adventure. But life being what it is, your curiosity was soon placed on

a 40-year hiatus, giving way to such pursuits as school. Work. Children.

More work. And once these responsibilities have devoured the better

part of your life, you're finally ready for the best part of your life. 

The road is distinctly calling your name. So you trade in your briefcase or

tool belt for an atlas and set out to see all those things that up till now

you've only sung about - Redwood Forests, Gulf Stream waters, and

everything in between. And unless you're one of those highly impulsive few,

you put a lot of effort into finding just the right RV for your travels. Because

if all goes according to plan, this will be your home for many weekends or

even months to come. Which is why you should be particular about how you

accessorize it.

                                                                                     ZIP DEE can help you get the most enjoyment from your RV, as well as

                                                                                     your journeys. Since 1967, we've pursued but one goal - to make the best

                                                                                     RV products in the industry. Every Zip Dee awning, every screen

                                                                                     enclosure, every FoldAway chair, every product we put our name on is the

                                                                                     result of one simple philosophy - we take the road less traveled. For we

                                                                                     know it's the only path to better results.

                                                                                     We don't follow the industry, we lead it. No one else takes the time to

                                                                                     make each awning to order. Or uses as much stainless steel or hand

                                                                                     finishing as we do. And no one comes remotely close to offering you as

                                                                                     many options and customized extras.

Take our awning colors, for instance. While others offer 10 or 12 choices,

Zip Dee offers you more than 150 fabric colors and patterns. Including

vertical patterns and classic solids, in every shade and hue imaginable.

For we believe the awning that hangs above you should be as colorful as

the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sienna Sunsets and Painted Deserts that lie

before you.

But color is by no means the only freedom we extend to you. Contrary to

industry norm, we will custom-make your awning to virtually any size you

need, in lengths from 9 to 23 feet. And any odd size in between, inch by

inch. If you'd like it to mount higher or fit between storage doors, we can

do it. An 18-foot window awning, no problem. With Zip Dee, your selection

is dictated not by a catalog, but by your own tastes and needs.

                                                                                      Whatever the style of your coach, we can give you an awning that

                                                                                      matches it. In both size and color. A one-of-a-kind awning that makes you

                                                                                      feel proud, as well as comfortable. Not to mention confident, because you

                                                                                      know your Zip Dee awning is built to last.
                                                                                      For over 45 years now, we've gone out of our way to give customers the

                                                                                      best product possible. So no matter whether your destination is the

                                                                                      Shenandoah Valley, the Florida Everglades or the Grand Tetons, you can

                                                                                      marvel at each and every sight from under your very own landmark. Old


While our competitors prefer to please the masses through mass production, we've

always taken an alternative route. Each of our awnings is crafted strictly by hand, one

at a time. Sure it's a more time-consuming and costly approach. But we know it will

serve you better down the road. (Something our customers who've had the same

Zip Dee Awning for more than 20 years will surely attest to.)

Our awnings are woven of tough, American-made acrylic fabric, a Zip Dee exclusive.

Unlike vinyl, our special acrylic material breathes, dries quickly and resists rotting,

cracking, peeling and mildew. And just as the memory of your travels won't fade

over the years, neither will your awning's brilliant colors. Because the color is vat-

dyed directly into the fibers. The fabric will withstand the most intense sun, rain and

other cruelties nature can conjure up.

Our awnings are also highly water resistant. While other manufacturers warn you not

to touch the undersides of their awnings and suggest a yearly dousing of a water-

proofing chemical, Zip Dee awnings come attached with no such strings. Our fabrics

have proven to be water and fade-resistant for up to 20 years. And unlike many

awnings, ours are sewn with special seams to minimize sagging, drooping and swaying.

It's the same construction found in store-front, marina and other commercial awnings.

                                                                  But some of the real nuts and bolts of our advantages are just that - nuts and bolts.

                                                                  Zip Dee uses stainless steel nuts, washers, screws and other hardware for a longer,

                                                                  rust-free life. Our awning spring has four times the strength of anyone else's, to fit

                                                                  your awning smoothly and keep it snug against the vehicle. Zip Dee's exclusive Z-Lock

                                                                  easily locks your awning into position and keeps it secure during travel. We have over

                                                                  40 different shapes of Slimline awning arms made of stainless steel and anodized

                                                                  aluminum. Because they feature unique four-sided tubing instead of an open channel

                                                                  system, they're slimmer, stronger and smoother operating than anyone else's. (This

                                                                  enclosed design also prevents dirt and grime from entering through exposed arms,

                                                                  another Zip Dee advantage.)

Our mirror-finish slatted metal case not only sets your coach apart from all others,

                                                                  but protects the awning when closed and automatically creates a leak-resistant

                                                                  connection to your coach when open - thanks to its' exclusive Flex-Key hinge. (If

                                                                  you've ever wondered why our cases and awning arms shine brighter and work better

                                                                  than anyone else's, it's because we take the time to polish them to a finer finish.)

After you've traveled with a Zip Dee awning for 5, 10 or even 20 years without so much as a leak, sag or rusty bolt, one thing will become crystal clear. By using our hands to construct our awnings, what we're really doing is using our heads.



1987 Winners of our Oldest Awning Contest.
This awning was 20 years old and still in great shape.
Our awnings are still built with the same pride in
workmanship as this awning was when it was first built in 1967.


Awnings of Distinction                                        Enjoy the Sun...In the Shade